My name:

Hatch Khazvini

My Age:


What I do:

I’m in business, but I’m also a homeopath, a guitarist, singer and poet, and spend a lot of time and energy supplementing the efforts of my wife, Devika who manages The Cattitude Trust. I run a website about cats of various kinds, where I also provide lots of interesting and useful articles and tips for cat (and dog) lovers: Planet-Lynx.


One Response to “About”

  1. Chris machi Says:

    hello, ilost my 17 yr old tuxedo cat to cancer, and your stories touhed my heart. i held him when he got the shot, he was my best friend, my first child. i even gave him his first haircut, i baptized him. thank you@your wife for understanding that these cats are more than animals, they are our hearts. , part of our families. our furry children that walk funny and talk funny but they are no less dear to our hearts. i know it may be to much to ask, but id love to hear from you or your wife. thank you and God blee you both! meow! chris machi

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